2020-02 - Lisbon

First time flying international from Stockholm Bromma airport. Brussels Airlines usually has some very cheap tickets around Europe if booked some time in advance. What’s better than a February excursion to Lisbon for sub-1000 SEK per person for an extended weekend?

First stop: one night in Brussels!

It didn’t take long until I struck gold; the Delirium Village!

When I think of “Belgium”, a cheesemonger is not the first thing that comes to mind, but damn. Walked past a few really good ones.

Finally, another pit stop where one may get rehydrated.

Belgium for me is Beer, Waffles and Mussels. Checked all 3 off my list in one day. I was ready to leave Brussels the very next day.

The morning later, it was time to fly BRU-LIS. After a quick stop in the always-so-full “The Loft” lounge, it was boarding time. Special Livery, check! OO-SNF took us to Lisbon on a very uneventful morning flight.

Finally, Lisbon!

Lisbon has some pretty cool street art.

…and a place to get some rehydration. Am I back in Brussels?!

Nope, it’s Lisbon. After a day of walking up and down (there are some really steep hills there), it was time to eat.

We went to the really homey restaurant Zapata. Well worth a visit.

Some really nice Gambas were devoured.

Hard to choose today’s breakfast beverage here.

Time to go home. A quick stop in the TAP lounge at LIS. The manned bar featured a pretty nice bartender who made some great G&Ts.

Flying home on a NIKI flight!

Just kidding. It was a actually Brussels Airlines flight, operated by a Eurowings airplane with a NIKI IFE.

After a quick stop in the, once again, way too full The Loft lounge, it was time to fly home. While looking out the window, I saw an old friend. Arriving late at BMA is a breeze, and a short (less than 15 min) cab ride later, I was home and in bed.

Bye until next time!