2019-12 - Hong Kong

Very, very early boarding to Frankfurt… Oh well, no pain, no gain.

Breakfast à la Lufthansa.

Approach into a cloudy Frankfurt.

So, we meet again, FCT.

The FCT offers facilities for resting yourself.

As well as facilities for cleaning yourself.

As well as facilities for rehydrating yourself. Impressive bottle collection.

And as always, the famous “FCT-schnitzel” is devoured.

First time on a 747. Can’t believe it took this long.

Waiting for pushback.

Dinner time! Starting off with caviar with the traditional garnishes.

Gilthead with marinated radish.

Sukiyaki, braised rib eye with white yam noodle, accompanied by steamed Japanese rice.



Once again, breakfast à la Lufthansa. Slightly different than the last flight.

Bye bye, big bird!

Hello, Tokyo!

Curry noodles in the ANA lounge at NRT.

Night flight, slept during 99% of the flight. Anyway - Hello, Hong Kong!

You called?


New year celebrations at the Intercontinental GS lounge.


Turns out checking in a rice cooker is allowed, in case you were wondering.

Time to leave Hong Kong for this time.

Seat 11K, with its’ own christmas decorations!

What’s boarding without champagne and nuts?

Marinated prawn with shaved fennel, asparagus and citrus dressing.

Warm smoked salmon with white wine sauce, with spinach, beech mushroom and fettucini.

Haagen Dazs strawberry ice cream.

Somerset Brie, Pecorino and Blue Stilton cheeses with a (sad) cracker.

Front row = First off = First through immigration.

Checking in at the Singapore Airlines first class check in was a nice experience.
Small private room in the check-in area, where my boarding passes and lounge invitation was already prepared for me prior to my arrival there. The separate security was a breeze.

Thank you.

Time for dinner number 3 today.

Homemade juicy burger in a sesame seed bun with capsicum relish, portobello mushroom, onion jam, rocket leaf and fried quail egg.

Pretty quiet in The Private Room.

The lounge was full of orchids.

Even more orchids.

WOW what a deal!

If you are stuck airside (no comments…), you can take the skytrain to see the HSBC Rain Vortex (“the JEWEL”).

SIN has a lot of fun activities, 100% free. For example the Butterfly garden.

One last meal in The Private Room - baked Chilean sea bass served with potatoes, lemons and sliced zucchinis.

The meal was finished off with a cheese plate.

The bird taking me to FRA.

My seat. Christmas decorations again!

I have the whole cabin for myself, this may turn out very well!

2004 Krug.


If there is garlic bread, always say “yes please”.

Szechuan style mild spicy and sour soup, garnished with shrimps, chicken, bean curd and mushrooms.

I know i should be ashamed for biting into the burger without taking a photo, sorry, but I have no regrets. The food coma slowly made its’ appearance clear though…

Being the only one in the First cabin, having turndown service on another seat is no problem at all.

After some well needed sleep, it was time for the second meal. Started with seafood croquettes.

And then, the preordered lobster.

Finishing it all off with a coffee and a glass of The Macallan Lumina Single Malt.

As I love airline souvenirs, this made me incredibly happy. Thank you, SQ!

The incredible service on board Singapore Airlines, a glass of 2004 Krug and Two and a half men, what can go wrong? That’s right, nothing.

Upon landing at FRA, passing immigration and rushing to the night’s hotel is a no-brainer.

A visit to the Panorama Lounge has to be done before flying home.

The lounge allows for some pretty nice plane spotting.
Uneventful flight home, in fact, so uneventful I forgot to take any photos whatsoever.

A quick stroll through security, walking to Terminal 4 (the domestic terminal), and taking the 55min hop to Umeå.

All bags were missing upon arrival at UME, but were delivered home to me the next day.

Bye until next time!