2019-10 - Singapore

All packed up and ready to go!

ARN-CPH, of course, features a nice bottle of Ringi apple juice.

A meal at Steff’s was quickly devoured. In fact, so quickly I forgot to take a photo.

Upon trying to board the plane, the scanner said “BAD SCAN” and a “SEAT CHANGE” message was displayed on the gate staff’s screen. I was given a new boarding pass with a seat in Business class instead. Perfect timing for some rehydration.

I love the colors of this cabin. Good to be back on board!

Smoked tuna fillet with pickled cucumbers, yuzu mayonnaise, cherry and sesame seeds with wasabi. Of course with a glass of Charles Heidseck Rosé Vintage 2006.

Venison ballotine with jus, potato and celery puree with parsley, sauteed chanterelle mushrooms, carrot and blue cheese.


The Mikkeller Baghaven Ciel Bleu

Finishing off dinner with some cheese AND ice cream!

Breakfast before landing.

Arrived at HKG. Unfortunately we had a medical emergency on board so there was an ambulance waiting.

Luggage missing, what a surprise!

After having taken a powernap and buying the necessities that I was missing, I could go out for a walk. The MTR closed for a while due to protests, which gave me some time to buy some street food.

Siu mai!

There was plenty of time for a stroll through the Lingnan Garden as well.

The photo doesn’t really do justice, but it’s a very calm and quiet place. Perfect for a late night walk to get rid of some jetlag.

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

Finally, I could get back to the hotel! The MTR opened again, I got on the train, only to be greeted by a PA telling everyone to get off again.

Seeing that chair there, I can’t stop to think but “that’s a bad location for a home office”.

Nothing beats a waiting-for-the-MTR-to-reopen meal!

Arriving back at the hotel, I found a note! My baggage would arrive at HKIA tomorrow! But.. I’m going to mainland China, and SAS has no agreement with any couriers to deliver luggage there…


Uh, Petrol, LPG and WHAT filling station?

Okay, I’ll be gentle, I promise.



A visit to the Mi flagship store was made.

I wonder if I can bring one home as a carry-on.

That’s more than one crane.

One night was spent at the Sheraton Dameisha Resort, Shenzhen.

Time to go back to Hong Kong! Bye for now, (Mainland) China!

Perfect, just in time for the Happy Valley OKTOBERFEST!
I promise not to gamble my life away.

I’ll just play a little. Needless to say, I lost.

Oh well, a nice view of the racetrack.

Tasted as rancid as it looks.

Time to head to the airport for a new destination and a new carrier.

You guessed right, Asian LCC! Jetstar Asia (3K)!

To…? Singapore! Boarding on time.

Today’s bird is an Airbus A320 (9V-JSP).

Note to self: Book extra legroom seats on LCC’s over here.

Bye, Hong Kong!

We did not have an uneventful flight, we actually had to do a go-around at SIN due to “something on the runway”. Almost no line at immigration.

The HSBC Rain Vortex at the oh-so-famous “The Jewel”.

The very same fountain but in Blue.

Visit touristy area, check!

It’s actually nice here, if it wasn’t so damn hot.

Durian buns, anyone?

You can see the horizon from here.

Drinks with a view.

Singapore McDonald’s has some fun fries.

Mandatory trip to Newton Food Centre.

With something to stay hydrated.


After a few days with great food and sightseeing, it was time to head back to Hong Kong.
Some people seem to need assistance with reading.

Apparently there was a huge typhoon disrupting some flights. Funny that you can choose between Pret, Burger King or a WP restaurant.

With an hour left until boarding, I visited the butterfly garden.

Where time passed very fast.

Time for boarding!

Big bird taking me back to Hong Kong.

Boarded the A380 taking me back to Hong Kong. The difference in legroom between SQ and 3K economy is like night and day.

Egg noodles with Roasted Pork and Vegetables. One of the best Economy class meals I’ve ever had.

And a Singapore Sling, of course.

Uh…… Seeyouuuuu………


A very rainy day, time to check into Cordis Hotel for some sleep.

Woke up to more rain! All that’s left now is to head to the airport and go home in SAS Plus (aka Premium Economy on any other carrier).


Back at HKIA after an armed police officer checked my passport at the airport express platform.


Moët in a paper cup? Sure!

Back on board.

Bye for now, Hong Kong!

Sliced Appenzeller cheese with quince paste, chive spread red seedless grape and roasted walnut.

Veal à la Wallenberg with gravy cream sauce, carbonara potatoes, carrots, red pepper, garlic and ginger bok choy. A very nice fusion, I must say.

Madeleine coconut cake with pineapple syrup. AND Toasted almond ice cream from XTC Gelateria.


Approaching a cloudy CPH.

Jumped on the CPH-ARN flight and of course had to had Muffins and a Ringi on the way home

Arrived, once again, at a rainy Stockholm Arlanda.

All my luggage arrived as well!

Thanks for the compliment!

October in Stockholm isn’t really shorts weather, but a quick taxi ride later, I was home and in my own bed ready to grab some sleep so I could work the next day.

Bye until next time!