2019-03 - Lisbon

Early bird to Zurich!

First a quick stop at the SAS Gold lounge at ARN for some breakfast.

I’ll be your wingman today.

I love that SAS sticks to its’ Scandinavian roots and serves norwegian Gin.

After arrival at ZRH, a quick run through the passport control, describing my errands (visiting a lounge) and receiving an eyeroll from the officer, and one train ride to E-gates later, I finally arrived at the amazing *G E-gates lounge, featuring a….

…Whisky club! It’s named after, that’s right, the runway 2810.

It features LOADS of different whiskys, as well as highly competent staff.

They always manage to serve something that fits your tastebuds.

There’s also a hot meal station.

One smoked salmon and bacon baked potato later, it was time for boarding the flight to LIS.

Swiss serves amazing chocolate on board and in the lounges.

I see you, Lisboa!

A welcome-sangria is never wrong.

Dinner at Baixamar.


And lobster.


If you look up “Totaled” in Webster’s dictionary, you’re presented with this picture.

A calm morning in Lisbon.

A pit stop in Lisbon.

Vinho Verde.

Unsure how to caption this, but looks pretty cool.

What a view.

Hello, Mr. Clam!

Torre de Belém.

Some ice cream is good in the sun.

Some Mojito is also good in the sun.

Some Super Bock is ALSO good in the sun.

No matter how much I tried to stay hydrated and cool, I still got a bad sunburn, as usual.

Successful Duck Hunt.

Some very very mature cheese as a pre-dinner snack.

Dinner at Fogo de Chao. Great ribs.

Another day in Lisbon means another pitcher of Sangria.

After some walking along the water, a well-deserved pit stop was made.

The detail on this one is incredible!

G&T at the promenade.

An Aperol Spritz at OKAH.

The infamous Cocaine-Smuggling RORO ship, AGAT.

Gambas at the all-so-cozy little Cervejaria O Zapata. Well worth a visit for anyone in Lisbon.

Some true No Frills-food.

Bonus picture of a cat in a restaurant.
The flight home was via Frankfurt at some 05:something in the morning. Didn’t take a single picture of the journey home. “Sleep is for the weak”, some say. I’ll admit, I am weak.

Bye until next time!