2019-02 - Hong Kong

Realy bad weather in Stockholm today, some 90% of the flights ended up cancelled.

So I decided to have a bite to eat at Pontus In The Air in the AMEX Platinum / Centurion lounge.

And a meatball sub. Then the notification came - the flight to CPH had been cancelled.

“Please head to the ticket office in the departures hall, they will get you rebooked” is what I was told at the gate. Went there and immediately turned around and went back airside. The SAS service center would/could not help one bit as I had a checked bag. I figured it’d be a long shot but I went to the SAS lounge and explained the problem, the host made one phone call I was told “go to Air China check-in counters, show your passports and enjoy your flight!”.

Said and done! Thank you, kind lounge host!

An hour later, I was seated in an Economy class seat on board Air China. Originally, I had row 30 booked on the SAS A330, which has insane leg room. This was a bit of a downgrade, but I will not complain too much, since I was able to fly anyway!

It’s obvious they didn’t have time to clean the cabin during the turnaround at ARN. Or the time before. Or the time before… for the past 15 years.

CA offered some very bland beer.

I was glad I had eaten both a dish with salmon and a meatball sub, as the food was inedible. After some (well, attempted) sleep, we finally touched ground at PEK.

The Air China lounge serves some pretty edible dumplings and buns.

Hello, Hong Kong!

Luggage was of course missing upon arrival, but thanks to a great travel insurance from AMEX, I could buy travel necessities while waiting for the suitcases to arrive.

Since it was the Chinese new year, I was able to capture quite a rare picture, a photograph from Hong Kong with almost no people in sight!

As I arrived at the airport for the next flight, I got a phone call saying the luggage had just arrived.

Celebrating the reuniting with the luggage with a glass of Moët in the SQ lounge at HKG.

EVA Air served some surprisingly tasty food in Economy on the flight to TPE.

The view from the TAIPEI 101 observation deck.

After a few nights in Taipei, it was time to head back to Hong Kong.

No caption needed.

Hong Kong without at least One Star Ferry ride? Wouldn’t think so.

And the Mid-levels escalators. Have to do something tourist-y.

Time to leave HKG for this time, once again a Laksa and Moët in the SQ lounge.

Row 30 on a SAS A340 has a very good legroom. Can recommend. Slept almost the whole flight, skipped meal as it looked like something the cat dragged in.

Bye until next time!