2018-10 - Munich


All packed and ready to leave Sweden.
Lunch at the AMEX Platinum lounge at Stockholm Arlanda.
I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to find wine easily when in Munich, so I had to have one on the flight on the way down.
(Un)expected Currywurst.
Gotta love them nice Bräustübl mugs.
Riding the ferris wheel kind of gives you a hum of how many people visit the Oktoberfest at one random hour on any day.
Dinner at Haxnbauer.
Mushrooms or marshmallows?
The areas around Munich look pretty nice.
After a long morning walk, it was time for some food!
And then more beer.
So. Many. Mugs.
Another tent, another liter.
One picture says more than a thousand words.
The tents are insanely big.
I forgot to shoot a video, but the Löwenbräu lion even had some roaring sound effects. I guess I have a reason to go back now.
After all this sightseeing, it was time for…
…Rehydration! Another liter.
And a half liter and some Leberknödelsuppe.
Time to fly home!
With the wallet being EUR 60 lighter than a few hours earlier due to me having the wrong ticket type on the train. A taxi would’ve been way cheaper.
Oh well, got to try out the new automated Lufthansa food dispensers available for Star Alliance Gold+ members.
Scan your boarding pass, choose your meal (“guess what your meal will be” might be a better caption since there was no english translation yet)
Receive the breakfast box and go board your flight!
The contents.
All in all, a very nice idea for people in a hurry. I hope to see this concept deployed on more airports by more airlines.
Delayed arrival at TLL (missed connection) calls for some rehydration.
And EUR 12 meal vouchers. Upon reviewing the new boarding pass, I saw that I got upgraded to Premium Economy!
Once again, an ATR72. That means business class/PE is in the back of the aircraft!
I am not really sure what the difference with “comfort seat” is, but it had some nice red signs atleast.
Smoked salmon sandwich and a G&T.
And a piece of milk chocolate of course.
Approaching Stockholm ARN.
Bye, bye, birdie!

Bye until next time!