2018-04 - Los Angeles

Just like any other day of the Stockholm Spring, it’s a good day for travel!

Today I rode the airport coaches as I had loads of time, and it’s a great way of getting to the airport for 99 SEK.

Checked in and good to go, perfect for some rehydration at my second home, the SAS Gold lounge at ARN.

Some 40 minutes later, it was time to board. Sequence: 001

My home for the coming 11.5 hours, seat 2H.

Pre-departure rehydration.

Once airborne, meal service started after some 1.5 hours.
Many airlines offer Caviar service, SAS does a bit more Scandinavian and offers Kalix Löjrom. Amazing!

Oxtail. Very good considering it’s airplane food.

And some cheese.

The SAS Business cabin features a very nice shelf that perfectly fits a can of Mikkeller Northern Trails Hazy IPA.

With the press of a button, the seats turns into a Fully-flat bed with Hästens bedding.

Mid-flight snack, a Polarklämma with reindeer meat from Polarbröd.

And let’s not forget to stay hydrated during the flight.

Fell asleep and woke up during LAX Approach.

Immigration was a breeze as I was the first to disembark.

Being my jetlagged self, I went for a stroll around Chinatown.

It really does look like in the movies we see on TV with these palm trees.

The iconic yellow school buses, I’ve finally been up close to one.

… Oh.

Glad I don’t live here.

Fresh squeezed orange juice for $1.5, what a bargain!

The firetrucks also look like in the movies, they are real!

Oooh, a McDonald’s!

I found it, The most popular star!

I’ll take “Things I’ll only see in Hollywood” for $500, Alex.

This one’s reserved for me.

A trip up to the Hollywood sign. That everyone’s seen so many times so I’ll not post a selfie with it in the background.

I’ll take number 13, whatever that is. Also, the chopsticks has user instructions.


Back at the guaranteed diarrhea-free pool. I didn’t go for a swim this time either.

Atleast I got a nice sunburn to take home with me.

A great burger was ingested at The Counter, DTLA.

I felt a bit Irish on the way back to the hotel so I stopped for a Guinness.

Day 3: starting out “healthy”.

Went for a long walk and just enjoyed the city.

And found some interesting ads.

Lunch time.

Followed by some more walking.

And a visit to Santa Monica beach.

Visited Bubba Gump’s, check! Time to head to the airport!

The Star Alliance Gold lounge at LAX is pretty cool, it features an amazing Noodle Bar!
I forgot to take photos of the outdoor patio/terrace. Next time!

Two Korean A380’s. No, I’m not at ICN, I’m at LAX.

Takeoff from runway 25L.

Bye bye, LA!

Managed to sleep through dinner/lunch service and woke up for the light meal.

A photo of Greenland was also taken on the way home. Fell back asleep and woke up after landing at ARN.

Bye until next time!