2017-10 - Chengdu

Celebrations were in place at Stockholm Arlanda airport. Finally, I was leaving the country.

A short, 52 minute flight to CPH later, I was ready to board the A340-300 taking me to Beijing.

The view from seat 2H.

A very nice shrimp sandwich as a starter.

Tortellini with fennel, fish and something something. Sorry, I didn’t take a photo of the menu so I cannot use SAS’ exact words to describe the dish. It was tasty, though.

Blueberry pie and a raspberry ice cream.

Fell asleep after dinner and was woken up to breakfast.

If you look closely, you can see the Great Wall down there.

First meal after landing: Chinese McDonalds. Tasted as disgusting as it looks.

A trip to the temple of heaven was made.

Ah, the one-nostriled dragon.

An interesting menu item.

Black bun burger. Unsure if this bun is dyed with squid ink or waste chemicals.

Time to head to Chengdu, Sichuan! Economy class with a Chinese LCC (Hainan Airlines).

Reading can be very hard at times.

Inedible meal, but the water was free.

You just want to what now?

You know you’re staying at a quality hotel when they provide not one, but Two FIRE PERFORATEDSELF-SAVING RESPIRATORs.

Being left alone in a taxi where the driver casually stops and gets out and goes to buy cigarettes at a 7-11 in the middle of China? Yep, that one can be ticked off my bucket list.

MANY hours were spent at the Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

I still regret not buying the latest SVMSMVG phone.

Visiting Sichuan means one really has to try a spicy hot pot. Said and done. Staff did not speak a word of english, but after showing a photo of a chili fruit on my phone, they understood what I wanted to eat. It was about as spicy as it looks.

A visit to the Du Fu Thatched Cottage was made as well. Did not want to fall in the water there.

Some really cool scenery there.

I also got to kickstart my career as a bell boy.

There’s really durian in everything.

Buying some very good spices before leaving.

Time to fly further on, towards….

Hong Kong!

The legroom on a regional A330 in economy at an asian LCC is … sub-optimal for someone above average asian height.

Arrival at HKIA. Quickly headed to the airport hotel for some sleep before the morning flight back to Stockholm.

French breakfast in the Singapore Airlines lounge at HKG.

Since I was still a youth (<26 years old), I could fly in O-class on SAS, which meant flying r/t ARN-HKG for less than 2400 SEK. 11.5 hours in Economy ahead of me since the plusgrade bid didn’t go through. Oh well, no risk, no gain.

Bye, Hong Kong!

Since I didn’t get that much sleep the night before, I managed to sleep away most of the flight. I had a “lunch” on the tray table when I woke up. Very unsure what the gooey stuff was supposed to resemble, but the Toblerone and apple juice was good.

“Borta bra, men hemma bäst”.

Bye until next time!