2017-09 - Hong Kong

Checked in and good to go!

Clock already set to Hong Kong time, maybe it’ll help my jetlag?

Window cleaning.

Row 30 on SAS longhaul has amazing legroom.

As an EuroBonus Diamond member, drinks are free of charge in economy with SAS.

Hello, Hong Kong!

Forgot where we went, but dinner was great!

There you have it, my mandatory “The Peak Photo”.

I like fact that you literally can take the MTR to the border to another country (well, international border). Just head to the Lo Wu station. You can pay a few bucks and get your visa issued at the border. It’s only valid for Shenzhen though.


Salvaged Electronics Bonanza!

I asked for a lightning cable for my phone and was pointed towards one booth. They had… a few.

Woah I gotta try this burger!!!

After a day in Shenzhen with good food and shopping, it was time to head back to Hong Kong.

Bad Panerai replicas were sold in the mall next to the metro station.


Left: China
Right: Hong Kong
I wonder what happens if I try to swim across?

Hot pot time!

And market time!

There’s something special about Hong Kong and its’ iconic neon signs. Such a shame they’re getting replaced with LED signs :-(

Oh the famous orange cuttlefish!

What on earth is that? T-rex claws?

After a few days in Hong Kong with shopping and great food, it was once again time to go back to Sweden.

Shrimp, something and something. Actually quite edible!

As “always”, inedible economy class dessert. Why can’t we ever just get a fruit salad or something?

Got off the plane and passed immigration within four minutes after doors opened. Went home, fell asleep and woke up for work the next day.

Bye until next time!