2017-05 - Guangzhou

A lot of people want to fly to Hong Kong today.

Today’s bird is LN-RKU!

Bye for now, Sweden!

“SAS Chicken Spinach” accompanied with a Mikkeller Plane Ale. I am not very good at taking photos of food.

And a Gin & Tonic as dessert.

Breakfast! The box the Frittata came in reminds me of Amazon, shipping small stuff in oversized boxes.

Seems like there are some clouds over Hong Kong.

Looking out the window while approaching HKG is always calming, there’s something with the green water and the ships.

Today I’ll do something for the first time in my life, crossing an international border with train.

Oh no, it’s the dreaded “Green Train” I’ve heard so many horror stories about. But I saw photos of nice, airconditioned trains! I really need to do some schedule research in advance.

Not many photos from the train ride, ultra-jetlagged me managed to fall asleep but then got woken up after some 15 minutes by someone slamming a ladle into a huge pot trying to sell warm soup. Who eats warm soup on a non-airconditioned train ride when it’s 30+ degrees outside (and in the train)?! I politely declined the offer and was given a menu card instead.
Too tired to eat, too grumpy to fall back asleep.

Interesting name of a car brand.

Checked in at the Guangzhou Shangri-La.

Those are some amazing chandeliers.

That’s the Zhujiang River down there, it looks dirtier than expected. The pool is a better fit for a swim. After a few hours in the pool, it was time for some shopping and eating some dinner!

Oh no, what’s that smell?! Durian!

I’ll have “A piece of food”, thanks.

I like that very detailed description of what’s going on in this dish.

I had, for fun, emailed the hotel in advance and asked for a photo of swedish comedian Micke Dubois (Svullo). To my surprise, when I got back to my room, there was something on my bedstand!
Amazing, I’ll be back at this hotel for sure.

No trumpeting.

The Guangzhou Metro ticket, a casino chip. I guess that’s a sign that I should plan a visit to Macau some time in the future. The metro is huge, it features a whopping 247 stations. Not as big as the New York or Paris ones, but still. It’s the the world’s 5th biggest, ranked by most annual passengers.

I finally found it, the reason I came here in the first place - the bootleg watch market! I think? There’s a huge poster of a Miyota 2035 movement at least. It’s a weird experience which was repeating itself for every shop owner/booth I visited.
In the mall, they have booths, just like in any mall, and sell noname watches. A big disappointment as I was hoping to see tons of fake Rolexes on display.

However, after a few minutes looking at watches, the clerk always ask you “what brand you like??”
If you reply with a famous brand, they’ll throw the brand’s official catalog on the counter and tell you to show which models you like.
Then they’ll make a phone call to someone who comes to meet you, and asks you to come to “their office” with them.

The office is just a storage unit with poor lighting and TONS of replicas.
Me, being a watch freak myself, spent MANY hours here.
No photos allowed though, as I had to sneak one. Sorry for the blur.

It’s hard to tell by these blurry photos, but these are some amazing quality replicas (also called “AAA”).
You could buy lesser quality replicas (single A-grade or B-grade stock) for less money.

All of the “offices” I visited looked exactly the same. One office allowed close-up photos of one watch. I kind of regret not buying anything though, it’d be a nice (although illegal) souvenir. One man from South Africa coming into the same office I was visiting didn’t really seem to care about the legality of the goods. He bought 20 pieces of Rolex Submariners and Explorers.


Ah, nothing beats a quick drag while on a public toilet.

After a few days in Guangzhou, eating loads of good Cantonese Cuisine, it was time to take the train back to Hong Kong. This time I had done my research and booked the “nice” train tickets, which was the last departure for the night.

Airconditioned, Comfortable seats, Quiet cabin. This is heaven.

The night would be spent at the Regal Airport Hotel as SAS flies out early in the morning to ARN, so all I did when I arrived Hong Kong was to get on the airport express..

Sad to leave, but I’ll be back soon, I promise!

Bye, rainy Hong Kong!

Chicken and rice. If they didn’t massacre the carrots by only dipping them in the water for a few seconds, rendering them rock hard, it’d be a quite nice dish actually.

After a few hours of watching movies, I managed to fall asleep and woke up just as we were approaching Stockholm Arlanda.

Priority baggage actually worked at ARN today! That’s a first.

After taking the Arlanda Express train to Stockholm and head to the office to catch up a bit at work, I bought a lottery ticket but didn’t win anything, I used up all my luck with the priority baggage.

Bye until next time!