2017-03 - Hong Kong

Checked in and good to go!

One of the 4 intercontinental flights this afternoon.


Row 41 in economy, “Ghetto Business”.

Bye, Stockholm!

The Plane Ale from Mikkeller is very nice.

Twelve months later, nothing’s changed. The very same chicken, the very same taste.


Two beers for 13 HKD, that’s a pretty good deal.

OK, I promise not to splash the water about!


Trademarks, etc.

It’s true, they are crazy for eggs over in the far east.

Rumor has it that they’re covering up the second word on these signs that are all over Hong Kong.

Diabl…Dabinlo 3?

My kind of happy hour

Dinner at Dim Sum Square.

Very sticky and gooey.

Oh no, one of the attrations I went to HK for is closed. Gives me a reason to come back later!

Pretty calm in the MTR.

Black bread burger, with egg.

No windows.

It’s no joke, people in HK really do take naps everywhere.


Relaxing after a long day.

Hello Mr. Bird!

When ordering off an all-Chinese menu, you are bound to have some weird things placed on your table.

I solemnly swear I will not Climb Feed the water.

Jockey Club panda? I am a bit confused.

There’s a panda!!

The cable car then got stuck for some 35 minutes, me having my fear of heights was not too amused.

So many gadgets and trinkets on the dashboard, what happens if he crashes?

Bye, Hong Kong!

Same food on the way back.

Home, sweet home!

Bye until next time!