2017-01 - Washington D.C.

An early morning flight to CPH.

Breakfast box.

Love the huge SAS A340 model at the CPH lounge.. The things I’d do to have that one at home.

Boarding the bird taking me across the puddle. Seated in SAS PLUS at row 20.

Slept through meal service(s) and most of the flight, but woke up for an hour to see a snow covered Greenland. Amazing sights, pictures don’t really do it justice.

Approaching Washington, DC.

Thank you!

These stickers were everywhere.

Finally, tried Peet’s.

There’s something that amaze me about these massive buildings.

The Smithsonian offers loads of free-to-enter museums with various cool exhibits. Many hours were spent wandering around just looking at cool stuff.

Here’s an overexposed shot of a cool magnetic rock. Just like a 5-year old, I spent a good 20 minutes throwing paperclips at it.

One of the tiniest McDonalds(es?) I’ve ever seen. So tiny I had to zoom in a lot and can only present a very pixelated shot.

A trip to the Arlington cemetery was made.

So. Many. Tombstones. Very touching.

The sad mood was instantly removed when I saw a happy squirrel.

My kind of happy hour.

More museum tours, more time for stare-out challenges.

WHEN(!) will we get this back home?

After a couple of very nice days in the capital of the US, it was time to head back home.

The Turkish Airlines lounge at IAD allowed for some pretty cool face-to-face action with a Qatar 777.

The food served in SAS Plus on the way back home was not the most appetising one I’ve ever stumbled across.

As soon as I finished dinner, we hit some turbulence, which was present all the way across the ocean. I managed to fall asleep and woke up upon touchdown in CPH. The last flight home was so uneventful I even forgot to take any photos.

Bye until next time!