2016-03 - Hong Kong

LN-RKR will take us to HKG today!

It’s the new “A330E” for SAS, where the “E” stands for “Enhanced” or “EEEEEEEEeee, I am still not a NEO so listen to my loud engines”!

Row 41 has some very good legroom.

Pushback on time!

Two different Mikkeller beers, specially brewed for SAS. The Blue Skies is an amazing beer!

Chicken? And mashed potatoes, some tomato(?) sauce and some broccoli here and there.

Somewhere over Siberia.

Breakfast à la SAS Go.

After arriving, I finally got to see how dense populated Hong Kong is.

A few pictures say more than a few thousand words.

This door reminds me of something from the Half-Life video game.

Unsure what it actually says, but maybe “Apply-at-Home Botox”?

Okay, I will wait for the DING-DONG

And I will STOP when I hear DO-DO-DO!

“for APP”, okay!

Mandatory Star Ferry ride.

I love how unamused he seems when he says “All right” and does a thumbs up.

Not only me wanted to snap a photo of the red sail junk boat.

Approached by a man wanting to sell me some bootleg watches. Here’s his contact info if anyone’s interested in some canal street crap.


The start of a pretty rough night.

Enjoying the view from the hotel lounge.

Something with atleast 57% water.

A trip to LKF was made as well.

Reminds me of the BackTrack / Kali Linux logo. I wouldn’t put my credit card into their POS.

The last somewhat sharp photo for a while.

Had some incredibly spicy food, I found out the very next day.

And a nice taxi ride.


It IS true, you can find Anything in Hong Kong.

Since the flight home would be at a pretty inconvenient time, the last night was spent at the Regal Airport Hotel at HKG.

After checking in, I went back to Kowloon for a bit to see what the Ladies Market had to offer. I was immediately approached by men wanting to sell me fake Rolexes.

And funnily enough, their business cards had the exact same text on the back, eventhough they had “nothing to do” with each other..

The same day return airport express tickets for HKD100 are such a bargain! Perfect for any layover.

Bye for now, I’ll be back for sure!

No idea what this dish even was supposed look or taste like. The bake-off bread was edible though.

The light meal was actually good though. Slept for the remainder of the flight and went straight back to work after landing.

Bye until next time!