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03 October / / SAS
All packed up and ready to go! ARN-CPH, of course, features a nice bottle of Ringi apple juice. A meal at Steff’s was quickly devoured. In fact, so quickly I forgot to take a photo. Upon trying to board the plane, the scanner said “BAD SCAN” and a “SEAT CHANGE” message was displayed on the gate staff’s screen.
08 June / / SAS
Checked in and good to go! This time westbound, to the Windy City! My home for the coming 9 hours. Starter. Carpaccio a la SAS. Fish, potatoes and a messy tablecloth. Gute Glass raspberry sorbet and a rhubarb pie. Very tasty.
14 September / / SAS
Checked in and good to go! Clock already set to Hong Kong time, maybe it’ll help my jetlag? Window cleaning. Row 30 on SAS longhaul has amazing legroom. As an EuroBonus Diamond member, drinks are free of charge in economy with SAS.
18 May / / SAS
A lot of people want to fly to Hong Kong today. Today’s bird is LN-RKU! Bye for now, Sweden! “SAS Chicken Spinach” accompanied with a Mikkeller Plane Ale. I am not very good at taking photos of food. And a Gin & Tonic as dessert.
27 March / / SAS
Checked in and good to go! One of the 4 intercontinental flights this afternoon. Peekaboo! Row 41 in economy, “Ghetto Business”. Bye, Stockholm! The Plane Ale from Mikkeller is very nice. Twelve months later, nothing’s changed.
05 March / / SAS
LN-RKR will take us to HKG today! It’s the new “A330E” for SAS, where the “E” stands for “Enhanced” or “EEEEEEEEeee, I am still not a NEO so listen to my loud engines”! Row 41 has some very good legroom. Pushback on time! Two different Mikkeller beers, specially brewed for SAS.